SGRI håller Digital Blue Green Event 14 mars 2023

Den 14 mars 2023 håller SGRI, medlemmar i C/O City, i årets Blue Green Event. I år är eventet digitalt och med teman Strategies for Urban Biodiversity och Photovoltaic on green roofs / Biosolar roofs.



  • Presentation of the Winners of Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2022 (Henrik Aspegren, Chair man SGIA)
  • How to promote biodiversity in urban planning – case City of Vantaa vegetated roof policy (Taina Suonio, Rosling Manor Gardens och Marja Mesimäki, Forum Virium Helsinki)
  • Designing and monitoring Green Roof Biodiversity – From installation to succession and long term aspects (Stephan Brenneisen, Zurcher Hochschule)
  • Nature-based solutions for improves urban water management and biodiversity conservation (McKenna Davis, Ecologic Institute)
  • The 15 principles of green infrastructure (Gary Grant, Green Infrastructure Consultancy)
  • A tool to measure the performance of ecosystemic services offered by the greened buildings (Sophie Rousset-Rouviere, Adivet)
  • Decision making process in greening cities (Julian Briz, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid)
  • Plantable spots – site specific plant selection for a diverse urban forest (Gustav Nässlander, Nature Based Solutions Institute)


  • Green roofs and photovoltaic systems – a combination that creates added value! (Eric Steiner, Schweizerische Fachvereinigung Gebäudebegrunung)
  • Vertical solar panels (VPV) for green rooftops (Trygve Mongstad, Over Easy Solar)
  • Using fire safety design to enable the combination of PV-systems and green roofs (Alexander Elias, Brandskyddslaget)
  • Innovation in Blue-Green-Solar Roofs; Why people need to shower more when Solar Panels overheat (Joris Voeten, Wageningen University)
  • Current research projects and innovations on the combination of green roofs and photovoltaics in Austria (Irene Zluwa, Grunstattgrau)
  • Biodiversity on Solar Green Roofs: Strategies, Challenges and Benefits (Pete Ellis, Recover Green Roofs, LLC)
  • How much plastic do we need on Green Roofs or Solar Green Roofs (Jorg Breuning, Green Roof Technology)

Datum och tid: 14 mars 2023, kl. 9:30-15:30

Plats: Digitalt

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